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BTIT for Chat is our feature-rich chatbot platform that allows anyone to create code-free online chatbots (bots) quickly and easily.

Why BTIT Chatbots?

BTIT chatbots is mainly conversational software. It is designed to automate conversation between the customer and the system. Also, this software is used for various technological purposes including information acquisitions & customer services. Our live chat software has an intelligent interactive agent chatbot. It can help to communicate with the customers automatically and can create personalized customer experiences at a high scale. Also, it can understand what a user wants and is prepared to meet users? requirements. Moreover, it can be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, this system can help the customer at any time and support for managing business processes properly.

Customer Service

If you can provide real-time customer service, you will get many potential clients effortlessly. Customers like very much when someone cares. So BTIT will make customer service easier for you


Turn your website visitors into leads. Help the customer to make a quick decision. Explain your product or service well, compare and increase real-time customer conversion.

Customer Relationship

Customer relationship management should be done regularly because retention increases sales conversion. BTIT has a system for maintaining customer relationships.


Check The Features

Query customization

Audience Segmentation

Sending emails & SMS

Mobile-friendly display

Centralized controlling

Customized role

Admin dashboard

Extraordinary panel


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Chat Bots for Marketing

AI-powered chatbots will give you the leap you want for your marketing activities. From customer reach, to engagement, to personalized messages and promotions; the sky is the limit when it comes to the advantages chat bots bring to your marketing efforts

We always tend to follow users wherever they go, from open markets to malls to web to social media and smartphone apps. Today your audience is on messaging platforms, people spend on messaging more than they spend on all digital channels combined, this includes the millennials, the old, you, me and everyone else. Building virtual agents that engage with your customers on messaging platforms puts your brand in the right position to grab the attention of your users and engage with them in conversations on their prefered channels.

With messaging platforms, your virtual agents reach to 100% of your audience for all messages with relevance, personalization and engagement opportunities up to the individual customer.

BTIT AI Chat bots Next generation platform for customer communication

The touch of artificial intelligence is falling everywhere which helps us to monitor all the time. It is not possible for a person to monitor all the time and the expertise is very costly for different times. This is why the whole world is now leaning on AI.

We have created an AI chatbot using artificial intelligence which will make your work easier. You can set your clients' potential questions and answers and it will work automatically. You can do it manually if you want.

Greet the customer quickly and help him/her to find out what he/she is actually looking for. Boost your sales with BTIT AI chatbot by generating automatic leads.

Chat bots For Customer Support

Calling a customer center is rarely described as a delightful experience. Organizations suffer from high costs, customer service agents have low morale and even we as customers suffer from long waiting times, poor service and usually unresolved cases. And when the 3 sides of the triangle are suffering, the industry needs a radical change.

Today?s customers are expecting 24/7 service availability, provided in a personalized way and on their prefered channels. Artificially Intelligent Virtual Agents is the answer for that, and by implementing that your organization is not only providing a better customer experience, but also saves massively on customer service costs.

Virtual agents are not meant to push humans away from the picture, the purpose is to empower them and turn them from repetitive question takers to problem solvers, therefore, human agents is an integral part of our system and are available for the more complex problems or qualified leads.


Check our Pricing


SAR70 / month

  • 1 chat bot
  • Facebook chat bots
  • Website chat bots
  • Send email
  • Send sms


SAR120 / month

  • 5 Chat bots
  • Facebook chat bots
  • Website chat bots
  • Send email
  • Send sms


SAR400 / month

  • Unlimited chat bots
  • Facebook chat bots
  • Website chat bots
  • Send email
  • Send sms


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